Saturday, October 15, 2011

Plowing Through Pinterest

Come here.  A little bit closer.  I have to tell you a secret.  Closer still.  Whoa, not that close, I hardly know you!  Okay, are you ready?  I have a bad habit.   Didya catch that?!  K, I'll say it a little louder, but listen up, because this is the last time I will say it:  I have a bad habit.  What's that?  Oh brother, I actually have to confess what it is?!  Alright, here we go, but it's just between you and me and the whole world wide bloomin' web.

I have a terrible habit of gathering ideas and never actually doing anything with those ideas.  There we go, I said it!  I have carried along with me for years stacks of recipes that I FINALLY have typed up, but STILL not cooked.  I have numerous bookmarks in my browser that are fun crafty ideas for baby girl stuff (my daughter is almost 3), beautiful quilts (I barely know how to sew), scrapbook layouts and websites (I've finished about 3 months' worth of my daughter's FIRST YEAR!!).  Of course I also have a craft room full of stuff needed to work on any of those things (fabric, paper, Cricut, books, along with thousands of other useless things that I've kept "just in case").  I have accumulated so many things that I just haven't used that I have recently been thinking that I should just get rid of it all.  Clear my hard drive of tasty treats yet to be eaten in this house.  Clear my craft room of stuff I just haven't used and probably never will.  Clear my mind of all the money and time that I've wasted solely because I won't get off my booty to do it.

And then Pinterest came into my life.

Oh dear, dear Pinterest.

A plethora of ideas in one tidy place.  It doesn't even take up any room in my computer/house/head!  Yet another place to gain from other people's craftiness and genius-ness (yep, it's a word, one that us geniuseseseses use!) by pinning it on a board, never to been seen again. Huzzah!

Then the other day I was thinking (remember, I am a genius, it's what I do best!) that it might be a good idea to (gasp!) actually try some of these ideas!  I'm tired of gathering and not acting, but I also don't want to NOT do any of these things I've "pinned."  And so I have begun a new journey! I have to say, so far it's been fun!  If you'd like, you can join me in it.  At some point I think it would be fun for other people to link up to see how they have "Plowed Through Pinterest," but that will have to be much further down the road since I don't have a clue as to how to even get people to start reading this blog.

So there you go...a ridiculously long introduction to what is sure to be a fun journey!

 (Five points to whoever can guess which pin this is a picture of!  What?!  You need to know where to find my pins?!  Kinda demanding aren't ya?! ;) Go here to find me).

(And yes, I do realize this is a terrible picture, but The Girl woke up from her nap a little earlier than I expected so that's as good as we're gonna get for now!)


  1. I've been working on a lot of my Pinterest projects/recipes/ideas too!
    But I have about a million pinned so it's going to take me a while...

  2. @ rebekahdawn - I hear ya! And I just keep adding more! It definitely has been FUN though! I feel like I have actually accomplished something in my day when I "PTP!"