Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have been have mini little anxiety attacks for the last few months. Nothing that I need to go to the doctor for, but there was just something that was not quite right in my soul. God has been stirring up some things in my heart recently (which I will share at a later time...can't really put it into words yet!) and everything is starting to tie together. The anxiety has been mostly due to the order of my home; I attribute it to a lack of organization, too much dang stuff, being too lazy to put things away right away, and two (sometimes 3) beautiful kids that love to get stuff out and keep me on my toes!

So I am dedicating my summer to simplification! I am going to try to do a new thing each week to simplify, then continue it for the rest of the summer. I am hoping to really make these things a habit so that the anxiety that I have been feeling will subside even more and we can make our home a place of peace. 

This week in order to simplify, I am going to try to only go to a store for fresh produce. I buy meat when it is on sale...and then never use it! So whether it was cheap to begin with, it ends up being expensive if I don't use it! I also really want to try to be a bit more creative with cooking and using what we have is just the ticket! I am also staying away from Walmart so I don't buy any craft materials that I don't necessarily need! I'm hoping that our spending (besides normal bills) will be less than $10 for the week! In an attempt to declutter, I am going to go through my magazines, pull out pages that I want to keep and put the rest of the mag in a yard sale "free" pile or to toss them. I kept them for too long, "just in case" and I am beginning to think that if I haven't used them for 5 years, it probably isn't going to happen!

Now for the big question:
Who's with me?!?! ;)

(actually both {that's right, I've got TWO!! ;)} of my readers are people who have inspired me to do this, without even knowing! So thank you Chelsea  and Becky)