Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Plowing through Pinterest: Wreath

Remember how I told you a few days ago about my goal to Plow Through Pinterest?  Well, in a very unlike-me fashion, plow I did!  I made some coffee creamer, which I will post about another time, super yummy, easy, and not so many "whatintheworldisthat" ingredients!  BUT for today I wanted to share my wreath that I made.  The picture that I pinned was this:

So, so cute, right?! It was originally from little things bring smiles.  But I didn't trace it back all the way til just now so I made my flowers differently.  I think I may just try again though since I'm not in love with my finished product:
It turned out ok, and I'm glad that I've at least got a fall wreath this year and I was able to "plow," but I feel like it needs something more.  Any suggestions??

I'm linking this to Tip Junkie handmade projects

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  1. Actually, I like how simple your wreath turned out - it's very elegant.

    The little flowers are adorable!

    Take care,