Sunday, May 13, 2012

Taking a breather!

What a week!  I am well aware that I said that I was going to try to post 2x a week, but this week was absolutely nuts!  We had the usual stuff (work, Little Missy's homeschool co-op, dinner with the in-laws and the, um, out-laws?!, trying to keep Little Sonny from eating EVERYTHING on the floor, etc), plus 2 photo "jobs," birthday parties, getting our yard in order, Mother's Day dinner with our fabulous mothers, doctor appointment, teething baby, sleep training baby, and I can't even remember what else we had going.  All I know is that yesterday morning it suddenly dawned on me that Little Missy hadn't brushed her teeth all week, so we MUST have been busy! (We did give them a good brush yesterday though, no worries ;))  The only reason I'm able to write now is because both kids are in bed (not asleep, but in bed ;)) and the hubs is at a softball game so I have free time.

Which brings me to a random question: When you have free time, do you do like I do and come up with about a million things to do since you actually have some time, and think that there's a possibility that you can get them all done?  Or stress out because you can't choose which activity you will do and by the time you decide you're so tired that you're ready for bed?  Or the baby wakes up?  Or is that just me?!  The house is reasonably clean (trying to keep on top of that!) so I immediately thought of other things I could do with my free time, including:

1. read (currently reading this bookthis book, the Bible, and wanting to start this book and this book)
2. wash my feet (been walking outside with no shoes or socks'd think this would be a priority, but oddly, it is not)
3. scrapbook
4. watch a chick flick
5. go to bed
6. write a blog post (yay for me!)
7. check Pinterest
8. ok, there definitely could be a bit of improvement on the cleaning, now that I look at it
9. bubble bath WHILE reading (can clean my feet and read, 2 birds, 1 tiny little stone!)
10. get a cleaning system started
11. write a menu
12. edit photos from baby photo shoot
13. put photos onto CD for other photo shoot
14. put photos onto CD for something we did in NOVEMBER!!
....... and that is just the list of things I thought of the 5 minutes.
There was a big part of my brain that said "Hey, I can do all of that, with all this free time!" But really, it's only about an hour til the baby wakes up and/or daddy comes home and/or Little Missy needs something and/or I tire myself out from all of the thinking about what to do nonsense!

 As you can see, I obviously chose to blog AND hopefully I can either get the pics onto CD for the 2 people I need to get them to, or edit the baby pics.  Or just go to bed ;) Whatever I end up doing, I am going to be grateful for a.) the fact that I have free time and b.) the three people in my life that keep me so busy that free time is truly a blessed time!  I wouldn't have it any other way!

Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bueller? Bueller?

Oy vey, life has been busy!    Hence the lack of posting!  BUT I had a thought as I was just trying for the 6th time today to get my sweet little mister to go to sleep (incoming teeth are not being kind to the poor dude) that I am going to try to post on here 2 times a week for the month of May.  Not for any reason in particular, mostly to show myself that I can do it.

So here we go!