Thursday, August 16, 2012


For as long as I can remember, I have hated change. I have gotten better, because, let's face it, if you have kids, things change.  A few things that I've seen change in my almost 4 years of motherhood (FOUR?!  How in the world can my baby girl be almost FOUR?!?! ):

1.  Coffee tastes a whole lot sweeter.  Which is weird since I've pretty much stopped putting creamer in and just drink it with half and half, so it actually tastes like (GASP!) coffee!

2. My body.  'Nuff said ;)

3.  Schedule.  Neither of my kids has been what you call a "good sleeper."  Shoot, sometimes they haven't even been called a "sleeper!" Last night, for example, we woke up 4 times: 3 times for The Boy and 1 time for The Girl.  And the kicker is....we felt like that was a pretty good night!! :)  I guess it's a total case of God's grace, because we are running on approximately 4 years of not sleeping great, but we know how bad it could be (because we've been there!) and God just somehow helps us to keep on going!

4. Priorities.  Even though it has taken practice, we've had to say no to many things for the good of our family.  We are still working on it and trying not to over-commit (let's be honest, as a pastor/pastor's wife, it DOES feel like you need to say yes to as many things as possible), but it's been a sweet time to just focus on our family and put it first. 

5.  Priorities.  AGAIN?!  Yes, but a different part of priorities!  We have decided to start homeschooling our kids (never thought I'd be HSing!) and with that we've been really examining our family and trying to figure out what we really want them to KNOW.  The ABCs?  Numbers? The order of the Presidents?  All 50 states and their capitals? Yes, yes and some point.  But the thing that we've really decided that we want them to really know is who God is.  We are currently trying to figure out how best to teach that to them.  It's kind of a big job!  But also an incredible one!

And those are just a few things that have changed!  You know what, though?  I wouldn't change it.  Not a thing.  Not even the sleep!  Yes, it would be nice to get a bit more.  But I also get to snuggle my babies a lot more because of it.  It has helped me to lean into God, to say "Lord, I can't do it today, I need your help...and coffee..." ;)  It has brought The Hubs and I closer together.  Why would I want to change any of those things?! 

Bottom line: I love my babies.  I love that I get to be their mommy.  Even with all the change that comes with it, I wouldn't change it for the world! (Note: this does NOT mean that we don't have hard days.  For a while there it seemed like it was ONLY hard days!)

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