Thursday, September 29, 2011


This is my sweet, crazy, wonderful family.  Now for a little bit about each of us...

Me - I am a stay at home mommy who works a little bit from home.  I have recently become interested in photography and love to use it in crafting.  I am not great at anything craft-wise, but I love to try it all!  I am totally committed to my family and am so thankful for them.  I am a Christian and am seeking God's will for my life.

The Hubs - My husband is your typical hot, amazing, Godly man :)  He loves his sports but loves his family more.  I am totally amazed and blessed by him and how much he loves us.

The Girl - My sweet almost-three year old lives to make people laugh.  She brings joy (with a side of feisty) with her wherever she goes. 

The Boy - Since The Boy has just learned to smile, the rest of my family's goal is to bring that sweet grin out for everyone to see!  He's only a few months old, so he doesn't "do" a lot, but he's just as much of a joy as his big sister!

Well there you go!  Now that you "know" us, I look forward to getting to know YOU!

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